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2023 in Numbers - Datasketch Newsletter #42

Data Science | Product | Artificial Intelligence

December 21, 2023 icon category

Advocacy against Violence - Datasketch Newsletter #41

Women | Internet | Rights

November 22, 2023 icon category

Eye on Privacy - Datasketch Newsletter #40

Central America | Video surveillance | Privacy

November 8, 2023 icon category

Technology Solutions in Action - Datasketch Newsletter #39


October 25, 2023 icon category

Accessibility and Visualizations for Social Change - Datasketch Newsletter #38

Visualizations | Artificial Intelligence | Public Procurement

October 11, 2023 icon category

Inform yourself before choosing - Datasketch Newsletter #37

Media | Public Procurement | Elections

September 27, 2023 icon category

Evidence to Propel Journalism - Datasketch Newsletter #36

Investigative Journalism | Civic Technology | Press Freedom

September 13, 2023 icon category

Next stop: OGP Global Summit - Datasketch Newsletter #35

OGP | Action Plan | Inclusion

August 31, 2023 icon category

Rights in Motion - Datasketch Newsletter #34

Migration | Human Rights | Xenophobia

August 24, 2023 icon category

The Economic Outlook - Datasketch Newsletter #33

Economy | Sustainability | Aging

August 10, 2023 icon category

AI Perspectives - Datasketch Newsletter #32

Artificial Intelligence | Work | Journalism

July 27, 2023 icon category

The Horizon of Accessible Information - Datasketch Newsletter #31

Video Surveillance | Older People | CSOs

July 13, 2023 icon category

Diversity as Seen from the Evidence Datasketch Newsletter #30

Diversity | LGBTIQ+ | Latin America and the Caribbean

June 28, 2023 icon category

Proud of These Projects - Datasketch Newsletter #29

Rights | LGBTIQ+ | Americas

June 15, 2023 icon category

Data for Cities - Datasketch Newsletter #28

Cities | Trees | Technology

May 31, 2023 icon category

Pandemic goes, inequalities remain - Datasketch Newsletter #27

COVID-19 | Contracts | Corruption

May 18, 2023 icon category

Carrasco: "To talk about data protection is also to talk about redistribution"

Carlos addresses the challenges of data use in municipalities.

March 21, 2023 icon category

Toward an Open Americas

América Abierta is a regional meeting of diverse communities that seeks to connect actors to work …

September 28, 2022 icon category

There is a future if there is truth

We dedicate a special issue of our newsletters to the final report of the Truth Commission because …

July 6, 2022 icon category

Text Visualization: Word Clouds

Data visualization is usually related to graphical representations of numbers, but when the …

April 28, 2022 icon category


Access to public information is a fundamental right for citizens to build better relationships with …

April 9, 2022 icon category

Reflections for Democratic Data Governance in Colombia

We reviewed Colombia's draft National Data Infrastructure Plan, collaborating with the Karisma …

February 14, 2022 icon category


Digital technology promises to speed up processes, but what do we stand to lose when we give up a …

February 1, 2022 icon category

Climate Change is a Matter of Social Justice and Human Rights!

Xiomara Acevedo tells us about young journalists' path to confront climate change and strengthen …

November 12, 2021 icon category

Data Visualization: Alluvial Diagram

An alluvial diagram or alluvial plot is a type of visualization that shows changes in flow over …

September 30, 2021 icon category

Data visualization: Sankey Diagram

The Sankey diagram is a type of data visualization that allows you to graphically represent the flow …

September 29, 2021 icon category

Copy and paste? The challenges of copyright in the digital world

"Copy and paste" practice, if copyright guidelines are not followed, can become a punishable …

September 25, 2021 icon category

Data Visualization: Treemap

Treemap is a type of data visualization that displays data hierarchically. Here you will find its …

August 23, 2021 icon category

Data Visualization: Bar Chart

We explain to you their characteristics, possible uses, and the different types of bar charts.

August 23, 2021 icon category

Data Visualization: Pie Chart

The pie chart is a pictorial representation of data that makes it possible to visualize the …

August 23, 2021 icon category

Data Visualization: Line Graph

Learn how to use a line chart and when, its advantages and disadvantages and which of our apps to …

August 23, 2021 icon category

How I got 10.000 emails for launching our newsletter

Tips and tricks to grow your email list from people you already know. Datapreneur.

June 11, 2021 icon category