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Proud of These Projects - Datasketch Newsletter #29

Rights | LGBTIQ+ | Americas

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Data drive social causes because they help to highlight problems, give an idea of what actions to take and, above all, contribute to improving people’s quality of life. This issue is about diversity, as it leads to respect, inclusion and equal opportunities in society. That’s why today we come with technological tools for the rights of LGBTIQ+ people, which make us proud of our projects. 🌈✨

This June, besides celebrating Pride, is full of events. Since the last issue of the newsletter, we have participated in the digital rights summit RightsCon 2023 Costa Rica and the workshop on technology and democracy in Latin America organized by IRI in Quito, Ecuador.

Legal advances: the LGBTIQ+ legal outlook in Colombia

How to continue with the recognition of rights through strategic litigation and public policies? “Judicial Decisions on LGBTIQ+ population in Colombia” by Colombia Diversa makes the mapping of jurisprudence initiatives available to advocates and decision-makers for the rights of people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expression.

Our role in the project was to structure the data they had on judicial decisions, and with it, we moved to an effective tool to visualize them in an accessible and understandable way. Searching for the status of LGBTIQ+ rights in Colombia will no longer be a Google or ChatGPT thing.

Search judgments by instance, topic or identity 🧰

The fight against violence in Central America with evidence

Making violence against LGBTIQ+ people visible and advocating for the respect of rights using evidence in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is the goal of the project that started with a meeting in América Abierta when community-based organizations and others with expertise in data met with this purpose.

“Datos / LGBTIQ+” is a project coordinated by Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos (ILDA), contributing to the standardization to take advantage of the information and with measures to ensure people. SocialTIC and Datasketch are also supporting capacity building in data collection and analysis for advocacy. What’s more, we just launched the website for you to visit!

Get to know the website 👀

Online safety from a gender perspective

The world is both physical and digital. That is why the Pan American Institute of Law and Technology (Ipandetec) was determined to hack violence on networks with “Segur@s en línea.” We worked on the website, which presents the results of its survey on cases of digital violence in Central America and the Dominican Republic from a gender perspective, as it mainly affects women and LGBTIQ+ people.

“Segur@s en línea,” presented at RightsCon, not only shows the main findings with visualizations but also addresses the explanation of the term, how it manifests itself and the consequences. As if that were not enough, it gives recommendations for reporting cases in each social network and promotes the creation of a regional team for access to justice and digital empowerment.

Get informed and know what to do 🛡️

On the radar

That’s it for today, but hopefully enough to appreciate the potential of data in advocacy. It’s been a pleasure, as well as the one we get when you share the newsletter. See you next issue!