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The Horizon of Accessible Information - Datasketch Newsletter #31

Video Surveillance | Older People | CSOs

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This issue brings you projects that highlight our commitment to communicating data through design. It can be a challenge when the sources of information we work with come as documents, interviews or even from conversations and workshops. In implementing over 100 projects, we have identified those elements that allow us to communicate issues of public interest with high impact. Beyond our unique designs, you’ll find that all of our projects are linked by the mission to turn information into an accessible and valuable resource. 🌌🔭 We invite you to explore and discover more about them!

A pathway of opportunities for old age

Perceptions about old age are often negative and prevent older people from accessing opportunities for their quality of life. To address this problem, the Fundación Arturo y Enrique Sesana (FAES) mapped the connections between the narratives and experiences of more than 500 public and private sector actors in Colombia on the roles of this age group in society.

The research resulted in a vast network. To facilitate its understanding, we contributed by visualizing the relationships between the experiences that spoke about the role of older people. Thus, we helped to show the opportunities to improve their situation in the country.

🧓🏾 Findings

The culture of a region traveled

Cultural information is often a hidden gem, concealed by the difficulty of access and the lack of consistent structures that reflect local expressions. In any territory, we can find various cultural manifestations, which, although they can be known by word of mouth, often represent a challenge for the citizens to discover how to enter these scenarios.

In the words of Dorkys Sarmiento, the coordinator of the Departmental Network of Libraries:

“The cultural map has been one of the most valuable tools in the Department of Sucre, Colombia, for the region’s territorial recognition and cultural assets. It allows us to navigate safely, recognize who we are as Sucreans, know who our writers are, our speakers, libraries, and identify the book value chain. By selecting each sub-region, we can say: here is this wise person and learn even from the oral literature. With the map, we can access all the knowledge accumulation at a single click. Those colors, their nature, are us in that diversity of flora, fauna and indigenous culture.”

🥁 Discover the Cultural Map

After eating, sharing and conversing

That means La Sobremesa in Latin America and gives the name to the consulting firm that offers accompaniment, spaces and tools to create solutions to the challenges of civil society in the region. Anca Matioc, Founder and Director, explains: “With Datasketch, we were able to create our website, which has brought us not only many compliments but also a lot of traffic and projects. The team was - and still is - there for us as we evolve and grow.”

We like to support friend projects, and for this occasion, we gave technological accompaniment, which you can notice in the implementation of the website, the tool gallery and the blog. If you need technological solutions, count on us. We are here to help you with pleasure. 😉

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