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Rights in Motion - Datasketch Newsletter #34

Migration | Human Rights | Xenophobia

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We have had several busy days, starting with our recent participation in Hackcorruption, the 2023 anti-corruption hackathon that took place in Bogota. The same happened with the co-creation workshops' kickoff of the V Open State Action Plan in Colombia, in which we are present as one of the organizations member of the Multiactor Forum.

Such initiatives transcend local and national borders if you think about it, so today we decided to take you through projects in which we leave our mark on the challenges of migration, the guarantee of rights and the fight against xenophobia in a regional context as diverse as Latin America. Fasten your seatbelt for this tour. ✈️

Steps towards rights

Migration entails knowing one’s rights, and characterizing the people who migrate is essential to improve their conditions. For this reason, the " Conectando Caminos por los Derechos" program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gathered data from a survey of migrants on pathways to rights, along with analyses of public policy, advances in rights, gender equality and social inclusion in reports aimed at donors and decision-makers.

Given so much content, we gave structure to the survey data to be able to take advantage of it and present it in formats that anyone can understand. Thanks to this, you can compare municipalities with other variables and visualize the responses in a visualization dashboard. In addition, we implemented the “Share in social media” feature after seeing that people were using it regularly to communicate and learn about the migratory situation in different cities. By simplifying the presentation of the analyses, this project makes the information accessible and attractive.

️↗️ Get to know the routes for rights

The dimensions of xenophobia

Migration is accompanied by a series of reactions. This is precisely what Barómetro de Xenofobia assesses in Latin America of individuals and news outlets social media use. We are currently working with their team on a redesign that will include a portal of indicators and specialized content, highlighting in-depth analysis on this topic.

The Portal will come with indicators that will show perspectives on migration, from xenophobia, integration, including a decisive actor in public opinion such as the media, and tweets about migrant women and how they talk about them. You will soon learn about the features that come with the website’s new look. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview 😉.

On the radar

That’s all for today. It is a pleasure to have you reading it, and a source of pride when you share the newsletter with others. Following the wise words of Fito Paez, the renowned Argentine rock singer: “To give is to give. And not to mark letters, simply to give.” 🎶 📤