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Next stop: OGP Global Summit - Datasketch Newsletter #35

OGP | Action Plan | Inclusion

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We’re packing our bags to go to Tallinn, Estonia. 🇪🇪🛫 We’ll be participating in the Open Government Partnership Eighth Global Summit 2023, September 6-7, 2023, and side events throughout the week. Indeed, we can take you to Estonia through your designs with the design and open government gallery.

With Nook Studios, we will be making a design and open government gallery to showcase examples from around the world: infographics, artwork, photography, and multimedia projects. Your work can still show off even if you can’t come to Tallinn.

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This workshop is an opportunity to explore the power of creativity, design and public participation in promoting positive change. We look forward to your participation! Submit the project you would like to feature in our pop-up gallery. 💫

Are you also in Tallinn? Attend the workshop we will be doing on the occasion of the gallery:

🎙 Making Open Government: Inspiring positive change with stories and design.

Immerse yourself in inspiring stories of open government advocates and designers and share success stories and lessons learned in creating open, ethical and humane systems.

There will be lightning talks and an open conversation for all audience participants to share and present their creative, open government advocacy projects in the pop-up gallery.

📅 Friday, September 8.

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

📍 Tallinn, Estonia

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Nook’s infographic on money flows in governments (left) and Datasketch’s design on red flags of potential corruption risks in public procurement (right).

Collaborative work includes all people

We are in the process of co-creating the V Open Government Action Plan, which is a joint work between government agencies and civil society organizations that make up the Open Government Committee (Fundación Corona, Instituto Anticorrupción, Corlide and Datasketch) and allied organizations (NIMD, NDI, Juntos por la Transparencia and Artemisas).

Once we designed the Methodology for constructing the V Action Plan, we started the co-creation workshops in nine cities in Colombia and a virtual one with different actors. In these, we are identifying problems and solutions regarding participation, accountability, transparency and innovation.

At the same time, CSOs are carrying out the project “Inclusion of the gender perspective in the V Open State Action Plan of Colombia” so that the following commitments respond to the problems of women and people with sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and diverse sexual characteristics (SOGIESC).

First, we evaluated the experts and international data governance initiatives from a gender perspective. Now, we are mapping actors and data to know the panorama of this area in Colombia. In the co-creation spaces, we are identifying more actors with whom we can push the inclusion agenda.

For this project, we received a grant from the OGP Gender and Inclusion 2023 Sub-Awards. Both co-creation and the gender perspective in engagements are all the more reasons to exchange experiences at the OGP Global Summit, and the time has come to do so.

Exercise of the co-creation workshop in Medellín.

On the radar 📡

We inspire positive change with data and design. Spreading the word is a necessary step to achieve this, to which you can contribute by sharing this newsletter issue. We look forward to meeting you in Tallinn or planning projects with you. Write to us at and let’s schedule a call. 📩