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Inform yourself before choosing - Datasketch Newsletter #37

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Our next stop will be the Media Party in Argentina. 🇦🇷 It is an event to discuss the future of media, news and society. That’s why Buenos Aires welcomes us at the Ciudad Cultural Konex from October 5 to 8.

Juliana Galvis Nieto, project manager, will be representing us. We received support from the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) to attend. Our relationship with MDIF goes back to 2021 when it invested in Datasketch as a young startup with positive social impact and potential to scale. Thanks to the Fund, we can reach new markets and incorporate learnings from media organizations into our data visualization apps and technology solutions to democratize access to information. 📰

Are you in Buenos Aires? Register for the Media Party, come and talk with Juliana about the projects we can do together. Remember that you can also write us at to schedule a call with which we can start to put your ideas into action. ⚙️🧑🏾‍🏭

From October 6-8, we will also be at the bootcamp for winners of Hackcorruption, which is the hackathon organized by Accountability Lab to come up with innovative solutions to fight corruption in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Mexico or the Dominican Republic. 🌎

As you read it, we are one of the seven winning teams and have advanced to the next round to develop our proposal, “Stalker de la contratación.” It is about a chatbot that answers questions about public procurement in Colombia to identify potential corruption risks.

💬 Sign up and chat with the chatbot

Informed votes

We are one month away from the regional elections in Colombia 🇨🇴. The citizenry has a crucial decision to make as they elect their next councilors, mayors, deputies of departmental assemblies and governors. The Colombian media, La Silla Vacía, usually collects data on the candidates and relied on Datasketch to develop the data viewer to find the person you want to vote for.

The initial view represents the political spectrum from left to right, with photos of people in the color of their political party or movement. The cursor above each candidate shows their name and the position you are looking for. By selecting a person, the application displays more information about their political biography, the issues they support, their positions on various topics of interest (abortion, execution of projects by local organizations, health, oil exploration, land tax and media regulation) and whether they are in trouble. Thus, it gives an overview of each candidate, which complements with the option to compare with other profiles to support informed votes.

🗳️ Know, decide and vote

On the radar 📡

That’s all for this issue. We hope you liked it and you share it with others 😉 We’re all ears to your projects because we’d love to tell you how we can boost them. Write to