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Technology Solutions in Action - Datasketch Newsletter #39


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In the previous issue of the newsletter, we talked about our participation in the Latin American Conference on the Use of R in Research & Development, LatinR 2023, October 18-20, in Montevideo (Uruguay) 🇺🇾. It was a matter of days to welcome two key events that will also be held in this country.

A Datasketch delegation will be giving presentations at the Latin American and Caribbean open data conference, ABRELATAM/CONDATOS 2023, October 31-November 3, in Montevideo. We will also have representation at the Data Festival from November 7 to 9 in Punta del Este. On this occasion, we would like to give you a sneak preview of the topics that will be on the table at these data community events as they present various aspects of our work at Datasketch.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing technological solutions for information access. As attendance should not be an obstacle, you can also send your proposals to We will be happy to tell you how we can work to achieve your goals.

The processes to democratize access to information: a prelude to ABRELATAM

The power behind the curtains: technology and infrastructures for open data strategies

Camila Achuri, Data Scientist, and David Daza, Chief Technology Officer, will discuss the ins and outs of the data viewer we developed for the Mexico City Open Data Portal, highlighting the crucial role of technology from R statistical programming language.

They will detail how they use R to automate data visualization, simplifying information access and understanding for citizens. This innovation improves efficiency and enables citizen participation and informed decision-making.

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How to Advocate with Data - A Practical Guide to Data-Driven Project Formulation and Implementation

Our CEO, JP Marín Díaz, will give a workshop on the importance of data in decision-making and social change. It will be the occasion to develop effective projects with open data, in which he will present success stories in different areas and essential tools. The session will give a strategic and practical vision for those interested in open data, including creating stakeholder and policy maps, structured databases and web visualization to communicate social issues.

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Datasketch+CKAN: communicating open data in a simple and user-friendly way

Miguel Alor, project and sales manager, will discuss integrating Datasketch and CKAN, i.e., publication of government open data and engaging visualization to facilitate decision-making. The combination of the open source data management system for publishing public data and our user-centric process, together with our visualization tools, has helped governments to share data in a more user-friendly way and citizens by making data more accessible and understandable. In this way, we help benefit the government and the citizenry, by complying with transparency and digitally empowering people.

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Let’s celebrate data used to help people!

Connecting governments, businesses and organizations to develop civic tech in Latin America

Miguel Alor will also go to the Data Festival on Datasketch’s behalf, where he will lead a session to link talented organizations and individuals in the region working on data management solutions with governments in need of reliable suppliers. The dynamic includes an introduction, diverse group discussions on fostering collaboration and short presentations of needs and solutions. The goal is to foster relationships that will drive regional solutions by having a group of facilitators from civic technology organizations.

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We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events or hearing about your project ideas through In any case, there’s this newsletter to keep in touch and inform you of what’s new with Datasketch and the data community worldwide. See you next time! ✨