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Eye on Privacy - Datasketch Newsletter #40

Central America | Video surveillance | Privacy

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We are very happy to have shared with the data community at ABRELATAM/CONDATOS and the Data Festival in Uruguay. 🇺🇾 The people representing Datasketch talked about what we do and how we do it: from the technological infrastructure and access to open data with visualizations to the formulation and implementation of projects for evidence-based advocacy, but also networking to promote civic technology.

What’s coming up now is the second edition of ESPAÑA-LATAM SCALE-UP 🇪🇸, the initiative of BID LAB, ICEX-Invest in Spain, and Endeavor for immersion in the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosystem. It runs from November 13-17 and we will learn about the main stakeholders, the experience of other startups, the business climate in Spain, and the legal, operational and technological aspects. We want to reach further and further to benefit more people with the technological solutions we offer. ✨ One example is the project we bring for you in this issue that puts an eye on surveillance systems in public spaces. 👀

Central America Video Surveillance

Although cameras can bring us security, there is also the risk of them invading our privacy. For this reason, the Pan American Institute of Law and Technology (IPANDETEC) investigated mass video surveillance systems in Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. To do so, they started from public information requests, state procurement portals and the press, but also consulted the opinions of citizens, government and companies.

Communication was crucial to presenting the results, so Datasketch was in charge of the interactive experience of touring the municipalities studied in the project. This research is a step toward implementing video surveillance regulations to protect people’s privacy.

📹 Get to know video surveillance systems in Central America

On the radar 📡

So far this newsletter issue. Share it so that our technological solutions reach more people. Do you want to power your projects with data? Email us at sales@datasketch.co and let’s talk about what we can offer you. Thanks for reading! ✨