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2023 in Numbers - Datasketch Newsletter #42

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We closed a year full of learnings with diverse and challenging projects in the world of data. We collected information and presented it in user-friendly formats, allowing our clients and users to make evidence-based decisions on topics such as culture, biodiversity, old age, human rights, government, business, and many more. All of these projects were carried out in collaboration with civil society organizations, public entities, academia, international organizations, journalists, and businesses.

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This year:

  • We worked with data science to raise awareness about topics of public interest.
  • We made significant progress in our cloud solution for creating websites from an Excel file. 🤯
  • We automated the calculation of the environmental, social, and economic impact of projects.
  • We created a generative AI chatbot to generate charts 📊 and maps 🗺️ from text.