Bitcoin, a Technology for Long-term Financial Saving

A conversation at the Datasketch house with Guillermo Valencia, founding partner of Macrowise, about why crypto assets and Bitcoin.

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Published: July 2021.

Technologies are changing the way we relate politically, economically and socially among people. That is why the government needs to use them to develop mechanisms for change and the transformation of cities. Currently, technology drives people to get closer to finance by enabling a long-term savings plan. We talked with Guillermo Valencia, founding partner of Macrowise, about why crypto assets and decentralized finance are the alternatives in a world where our purchasing power is reduced, along with wages and savings.

In this talk, Guillermo Valencia told us that monetary technology is beginning to be seen as an opportunity to understand how the world is organized, considering the loss of trust in a monopolized power system in which consumption stimuli are more significant than savings and planning. Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, represent the first attempt to create open-source money, which does not have a centralized system, but you, as a user, can spend your money as you see fit.

Guillermo explained to us that bitcoin is not just a currency. It is a technology that does not need an authority to define how the protocol works, as it does not depend on human cognitive abilities. It already has specific rules and characteristics that help it to be easily interpreted by the community. Now, by not having a centralized system that regulates the expenses and movements of the currency, it can be used as a financial strategy since the property of Bitcoin is not to pay but to store money as a solution to the saving needs of citizens.

If you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin and how it is an excellent alternative for long-term savings, relive this talk with Guillermo Valencia, CEO of Macrowaise. Even though it is in Spanish, it can be helpful for you.