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Blockchain: the Future of Cities and Public Sector

Events at Datasketch House: we discussed with Chuy Cepeda, CEO of OS City, the blockchain applications in the public sector.

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The transformation of cities is a field investigated by architecture, economics, politics, science, technology, etc., which show interest in knowing sustainable growth areas. Chuy Cepeda, CEO of OS City, a leading company in artificial intelligence implementations, was accompanied us in a talk about the future of cities to rethink our interaction with information.

The thinking of government entities currently is aimed at questioning what life will be like later on and how they will be involved. For this reason, the public sector should think about growth through technologies, not only to see the future of the city but also to be more transparent with citizens on public management issues. According to Chuy Cepeda, the Blockchain “becomes a tool capable of creating an ecosystem of sustainable technologies that supports institutional agility and cognitive change to return to the idea of ​​the common good.

The Blockchain or chain of blocks is a database technology that allows new information networks and connecting them without an intermediary. Still, each person can access the information and analyze it according to their needs. In this way, the Blockchain promotes the decentralization of economic, public, social, and commercial management, helping to examine the future of cities from the information put on the network. With this, governments and citizens boost the growth of a technological and socially transparent ecosystem to the needs of citizens.

If you are interested in learning more about the Blockchain and the technologies that can be used for analyzing government data, we share the video, although it is recorded in Spanish, it may be useful for you.