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Datasketch Continues on the Open Government Partnership Committee

We celebrate our re-election as members of the Committee of the OGP in Colombia for 2021 - 2023. One of our objectives as an organization is to democratize access to information and strengthen public management. We have been working for it for five years.

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By Nicolás Barahona. Published: August 10, 2021.

In Datasketch, we believe in building a transparent society where citizens actively participate in the oversight process and institutions establishes around access to information.

Since our beginnings, we propose facilitating the management of public affairs and decision-making through technology based on data to improve people’s lives.

For this purpose, we have explored and supported integral solutions, applying data science knowledge, human rights, gender, digital security, data journalism, and the anti-corruption fight to open government.

We want to live in an open, egalitarian, and collaborative society. Therefore, it should guarantee our rights and conceives, treats, and respects us as people, not just as a registration number. That is why we develop technology that favors access to information and increases trust between the State and its citizens.

We can achieve this with binding public management, in which communities and historically marginalized groups participate. We need to bring together journalists, academics, activists, public officials, civil society organizations, public policy planners, and every citizen to strengthen democracy.

Our efforts allowed us to be elected as members of the Committee of the Open Government Partnership in Colombia in 2018. In this way, we join new actors to promote projects that use information as a pillar in decision-making.

After two years of collaborative work, we have been re-elected to form the new Committee, whose tasks include monitoring, implementing, and evaluating the National Open Government Action Plan from 2021 to 2023.

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) started in 2012 to make governments more accessible, responsive, and accountable. OGP is a broad partnership that includes national and local members, as well as civil society organizations. It seeks to co-create two-year action plans on transparency of public institutions, access to information, accountability, and innovation.

This model ensures that civil society organizations or direct citizen engagement have a role in shaping and overseeing governments. They have made, collectively, more than 4,000 commitments.

The Open Government Partnership for Colombia has renewed the Committee over the years. In August 2021, it announced (es) the new members based on the concept of a group of experts and civil participation (es).

Being re-elected reinforces our mission to promote the ethical use of technology to contrast and make realities visible. We use data to understand our society as an enormous universe in which we can participate.

The work has involved a great deal of effort. We have assumed it with honor by offering our tools and knowledge to analyze, visualize, and communicate data to materialize the common good.

We invite organizations, citizens, the public and private sectors to unite and make Colombia a country where transparency, solidarity, and freedom prevail.

If you want to learn more about the Committee or the Action Plan, you can visit