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Open Government: Mapping Initiatives

We are creating a database of Open Government tools. Could you help us?

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We have launched an Open Government section on our website blog. We want it to become a source of resources that allow civil servants - or any citizen - to understand what Open Government means.

We will discuss, among other things, which are the tendencies around the world, what it implies, what are its benefits, and the challenges it faces today. If you have reached this point and do not know what we are talking about, we invite you to visit our first post, “Open Government for Dummies.”

We are aware of a large amount of literature on Open Government, but we also know that it is not always easy to get to grips with it. Our goal is to be clear, get to the point, and create simple and practical tools.

We do this because we are also aware, from our own experience, that when first approaching the world of institutional openness can be challenging to understand where to start. There are a thousand resources and guides, but no ABC on what to do. It happens this way because each country, region, and government is different, and the tools must be adapted to the local context, but it could be demanding anyway.

However, knowing the good - and bad - practices can help define where to focus and how to go about public problems. A significant advantage of openness is that it allows reuse, i.e., if someone has already done something similar to what we need, we can take advantage of this knowledge to generate new tools and solutions to public issues.

At Datasketch, we offer data management and visualization apps, which is why one of the first tasks we have set ourselves is to create a database that we will feed and keep updated on the resources and initiatives related to Open Government exist around the world. Could you help us?

If you know about or are promoting initiatives - related to Transparency and Access to Public Information, Participation, Accountability, Collaboration, or Innovation - that you think we should add to our mapping, please help us by filling in the following form. It will take you less than 5 minutes, and you will help others know more about Open Government.

Enter the following link and fill out the form:

Thank you!