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Open Government in Datasketch

We launched a place to discuss about Open Government. Follow us!

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Check our blog! You will find continuous and updated information on this governance model. We will cover its meaning and implications from the simplest to the most complex while giving you tools to learn about its benefits, importance, and practical cases.

We want anyone to understand what governments mean when they say they are open. We will showcase various successful initiatives worldwide to encourage citizen participation in public decisions.

  • If you are a public servant, this space will guide you to take the first steps to implement open initiatives. You will be able to learn from the most relevant international actors in the field. You will embark on a journey of innovation in public management.
  • If you are a citizen or part of a non-governmental organization, you will learn practical ways to demand transparency from your government.

Your work in participation and inclusion processes to demand accountability and promote freedom of information will benefit from the resources we will share.

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If you have heard about Open Government and you’re interested, but you still don’t quite understand what it means, you’re in the right place! We will review the concepts surrounding Open Government, analyze its benefits and challenges, and we will share guides so you can start from scratch. You will also learn about the international regulations that support this governance model and the stakeholders that foster it.

If you already know what Open Government is and promote it yet, this space is also for you! We will share resources and analyze case studies. We are also doing a map of tools, projects, and organizations working on this topic. We can help you to make your own actions known internationally!