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Gastronomic Trends 2024: Café Datasketch and Data Technology in Restaurants

In the neighborhood of Quinta Camacho in Bogotá, amidst the aroma of freshly ground coffee and the murmur of conversations, something is brewing. It's the story of Café Datasketch, a place where every cup of coffee is part of a live experiment about the future of the gastronomic industry and how data analytics can be revolutionary for the sector.

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Since 2023, at Datasketch, we decided to invest in a physical space that would allow us to continue working on access and democratization of information, this time from a tangible and more everyday environment. This is how Café Datasketch was born, our living lab where we not only serve great coffee but also explore how data can transform a gastronomic business from the inside out.

From day one, we faced the same challenges as many gastronomic businesses: How to predict daily demand? How to optimize our menu? How to minimize waste? We knew that the answer lay in the data we generate every day, and that’s why we developed a tool specifically designed to answer those questions.

As we operate Café Datasketch, we learn more about the unique challenges of gastronomic businesses and how data can help overcome them. Every day, we use these learnings to make the data management system a more robust and useful tool.

At Datasketch, one of the main objectives is to be users of our own product. This “dogfooding” approach is not always easy. It means that sometimes we are operating in uncharted territory, solving problems in real-time. But it also means that every feature of our tool, every visualization, is based not only on theory but on our own experience.

Our mission is that anyone can use a data management tool without needing to be an expert. We seek to empower all small businesses to make the most of the information they have collected over the years. Imagine being able to accurately predict your daily demand, optimize your menu based on real data, and make strategic decisions based on solid insights. This is what we aim to achieve.

At Café Datasketch, every cup of coffee we serve is part of this mission. It’s a reminder that the challenges we face are not unique, but shared by many in the industry. Do you run a café, a restaurant, a bakery? The data you are already generating is the first step towards transforming your business.

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