1025 Stains

March 08, 2019

There have been registered 1,025 murders of LGBTI people in latin america and the caribbean from January 2014 to December 2018.

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Oil Rivers

March 06, 2019

In Colombia, 3,7 million barrels of oil have been spilled, it would be enough to contaminate the Magdalena River for a year.

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7 legal

March 05, 2019

7 countries of the Americas and the Caribbean have legalized the voluntary interruption of the pregnancy (abortion).

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Banana plantations

March 05, 2019

The massacres occurred in Colombia during the colombian armed conflict left 24,518 victims

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8m: names of iconic women

March 04, 2019

Names of iconic women those represent the struggle, the celebration, the alliances and the conquests that women have achieved in the world.

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Little Mothers in Colombia

March 02, 2019

In Colombia, in 2017, 5,804 girls under 15 years were mothers. And only 146 of that age range could access to the legal abortion.

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March 01, 2019

More than 500 social leaders have been murdered in Colombia since January 2016.

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This is what you need to know to understand what is going on in Venezuela

May 19, 2017

While Maduro dances in national television, Venezuelans fill the streets to protest against a regime that’s killing them.

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Must read: #LaTierraEsclava

April 22, 2017

#LaTierraEsclava is the latest journalistic research published by Eldiario.es and El Faro. It analyzes the coffee, banana, cacao, sugar and palm plantations in four countries: Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Ivory Coast.

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#MustRead: 40 maps that prove the US is made up of immigrants

February 11, 2017

The digital media VOX published this week an article that shows how the United States is a "nation of immigrants": a place where everyone's family has, at some point, chosen to come to seek freedom or a better life.

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