What about telling #ddj stories with pixels?

How can we tell #ddj stories and data analysis in an innovative way? Well, one way is by doing pixel visualizations.

This is what 8bitstatistics.com does. The project began in October of 2016 as a innovative data visualization brand with a unique vision of deep statistical research presented via retro infographics with a look straight from 80’s gaming.


Originally, the project was conceived as a visual portfolio to demonstrate and explore skills in statistical analysis using tools like R, Python and Tableau. But the work was praised by Twitter users and other data scientist and thus the project grew, showing the niche potential of encompassing data analysis, original artwork and videogames.





At this point, 8 Bit does Twitter analysis reports, multi-part research projects and tutorials based on engagement, curiosity and minimalism design.

Check out their work  and get inspired here.