Google News has launched a redesign for  the desktop version which highlights, for the first time, a fact-checking section.


This new verification widget appears on the right side of your main page in order for you to make an emphasis on stories from news sites that do constant fact-checking such as PolitiFact and Snopes.


It is important to point out that it is not Google who is doing the verifications, but that it highlights the non-partisan sites that do it, which limits the scope of what can be verified.


This new addition is only available in the United States, but says it will soon be extended to other countries.


The change adds up to other initiatives Google has taken to tackle false news. Last year, they introduced a fact-checking tag for stories, and in April they began to show fact-checking sites in their search results.


Also, this year launched "Project Owl", a series of initiatives to promote more precise content through its services.


The new interface also features a cleaner, more organized layout that allows the user to better understand the content they are analyzing, as well as more extensive information customization options.  It also allows you to prioritize or eliminate results from certain media.


At the moment, the redesign is enabled on the desktop platform and the mobile version is expected to be ready in a short time.