If Maluma painted with his lyrics, what would be the color palette of his songs? Would they be happy or sad pictures? What color predominates in his rhythms? These were some of the questions we raised in Datasketch on an afternoon of music and beers. And although they initially seemed impossible to solve, we set ourselves the task of working with data to find the answers.


To do so, we chose the lyrics of the five songs that have had the most views on YouTube of the. From there we did our own algorithm to discover how Maluma paints.


Algorithms in general allow you to translate and transform data from one source into another, such as converting letters into numbers or numbers into symbols ... let's say they are the magic wand of this trick.

Then, we developed an algorithm that allowed us an unusual transformation but with creativity and some computational tools allowed us to convert words into colors. For this we start converting words into images and then color images.


Convert words to images: A Google image search of any word brings us with a high the most popular images that represent the searched word. This search is limited by the region, like all information that Google filters us.


Convert images to colors: Once we see the images, we must find the representative color. We do this by sort of mixing all the colors in the image. This is called "clustering", a technique  used by many companies like Pinterest, Twitter and Google.  As users we see it when the app shows us a blur single tone image while loading the final image. Has this happened to you?


Thus, we discover the color that represents each of the words in the most popular lyrics of the artist. We could see that Maluma, the painter, likes pastel colors that are in the range of greens and purples.


This seems like a shocking once you analyze the artist’s image of a rude man who always wears dark colors… but the words in his songs seem to prefer much more feminine tones.


Of course the algorithms we use do not analyze contexts or understand the meaning of what is being sung ... they don’t know if the meaning of the word is violent or sexual. If so, very the color palette would be different.


The result? Watch this video.