What are the timeless songs that are still popular after decades? Der Spiegel decided to answer this question by analyzing the most popular songs - filtered after decades - that Spotify has selected for Germany.


The online newspaper designed a series of visualizations to tackle the data and allow the users to understand the most popular hits on Spotify and their historically best chart placement.


In their visualizations, you will find on the left you will find the most played song of a decade. The height of the sliders shows how popular the title was earlier. The position at the top stands for number one hits. In addition, the 50 most played tracks have been highlighted in red for decades. You can play the songs by clicking on the sliders.



If you list the most popular songs from all six decades there’s a clear result: the eighties and nineties dominate over all other decades. The first seventies song is on place 20, the first 60s song on place 55. And the Rock'n'Roll classics of the fifties all follow after place 200.


Check out their great work here.