Full Fact, the UK's independent, non-partisan fact-checking organisation, has secured $500,000 in funding for two new automated tools to transform fact-checking and the international battle against fake news.


The tools, called LIVE and TRENDS are based on one powerful and modular fact-checking engine were key fact-checkers from around the world will be able to plug in custom components that make their work more effective.


By monitoring TV subtitles or other real time sources, LIVE flags when anyone repeats a claim that has already been checked and takes you straight to the most recent fact-check. LIVE will also spot claims that haven’t been fact-checked before - but reliable data does exist for - and creates a snap fact-check on the spot using that data.


TRENDS records every repetition of a claim we know is wrong and where it comes from so we can keep track of who, or what, is persistently pushing misleading claims out into the world.

LIVE AND TRENDS will be going into newsrooms and fact-checking offices in a closed beta by the end of this year.


LIVE and TRENDS are planned to be more available for the public in general in 2018.


The next step is to develop a global infrastructure for automated fact-checking, challenge that was tackled and analyzed during the Global Fact conference in Madrid.



Full Fact, Africa Check, and Argentina's Chequeado have agreed to share open standards to make sure these tools can have a global impact and encourage other fact-checkers and researchers to get involved.