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How do I enroll in a specific plan?

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  • Free: Create your personal account here, go to your user profile and select the plan you want to belong to, you can continue with your individual plan, start working and when you want to collaborate or put your private information do an upgrade to the organization account.

  • Premium: After creating a free plan you can contact us to create an organization for you. Once you contact us we will give you a presentation of the premium features and send you the payment link for the upgrade.

  • Enterprise: Fill out the form to contact you and send a quote.

For any additional questions about your plans you can write to sales@datasketch.co

Can I subscribe to an annual plan?

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Yes, if you sign up for an organization plan. You will obtain two free months.

Are there any discounts on Datasketch?

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Yes, for NGOs and education. We recognize the work and financial constraints that these organizations sometimes face. Therefore, we offer up to 40% discount on annual and monthly organizational and customized plans.

However, if you have an interesting project and need a discount, please contact us at sales@datasketch.co. Tell us what it is about, the number of users and the area of expertise in which you work, we can evaluate a co-financing model for your project.

In my team we are more than 10 people. Can I add more users to my organization plan?

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Yes, please contact us at sales@datasketch.co and ask us about our customized plans and services.

What are my payment options?

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Payments are made by credit card for organization plans. For the Enterprise plan, we can issue invoices with payment via purchase order and/or ACH, wire transfer or check. For more information, please contact sales@datasketch.co.



Can I use custom fonts in my graphics?

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Yes, we have default fonts. If you need to add your own fonts, you can do so from the Premium plan. Datasketch can assist you in creating a fully customized design, tailored to the needs and branding manual of the organization in the Enterprise plan.

What does the custom theme entail and what do you need from me?

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The Free plan comes with pre-selected theme templates and colors.

If you need templates according to your needs for creating graphs, maps and publishing tables, we have customization service available from the Premium plan. For this, we would need your brand manual or visual data communication references that you like. If you require more design support, you can do it from the Enterprise plan. Contact sales@datasketch.co for more information.

Additionally, we have the service of creating style guides for data communication. With this, we can incorporate various formats of graphic pieces, customization of fonts, color palettes and logos.



Is there a limit to the number of people who can view my charts online?

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No. You can create and publish as many charts as you want with any Datasketch account, regardless of the number of people viewing them. There is a bandwidth and storage limitation. If you reach the limit because your graphics are very successful and shared, we can extend the bandwidth for you.



What happens to my graphics if I cancel my plan or close my account?

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We'll be sorry to see you go. But you don't have to worry: even if you suspend your subscription, your visualizations will remain online and will still be visible to your readers for a year. In any case, you can always export all your data and graphics and use the hosting service of your choice.

How can I cancel my paid subscriptions?

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You can cancel at any time. Simply send an email to soporte@datasketch.co and we will take care of it. Once cancelled, your account reverts back to our free plan. Your existing data and graphics will remain online as long as you choose not to delete them.

Is Datasketch prepared for data protection regulations?

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Yes, we are prepared to protect your personal information with a privacy-by-design architecture, clear privacy policies and a platform usage policy that guarantees your rights. Read our terms and policies for more details. For any questions, please contact legal@datasketch.co.

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Email us at sales@datasketch.co, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Datasketch.