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The Frankenstein of Art and Technology - Data Culture #20

Have fun with our Frankenstein of art and technology in the Halloween special. Faces, sounds and hearts bring our experiment to life.

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Have fun with our Frankenstein of art and technology in the Halloween special. First, a spooky machine learning project challenges reality. Then, get to know the day-to-day life of a metropolis with Mexico City’s sound report. Finally, what does each heart emoji mean? You’ll find out with “Intemporālis.” And don’t miss the five things we loved this month!

Have you seen this person?

Source: This Person Does Not Exist

Surely not, or perhaps someone very similar, because it results from a generative adversarial network (GAN). Tero Karras and others created “This Person Does Not Exist,” using artificial intelligence and image databases to generate faces of people who have never actually existed. It also explores versions of artworks, chemical structures, cats and horses, which are the most creepy because of their distorted bodies.

👥 Find your doppelgänger

The sounds of informal work.

In this report on the soundscape of Mexico City, The Pudding shows us itinerant workers' activities, some of whom resist the passage of time. You will find the audiovisual material of the production and life of these sounds throughout this musical and colorful city.

👂🏾 Listen to CDMX

Intemporālis: the meaning of the heart emojis

There is this wiki that explains the meaning and use of emojis. You can consult different visualizations of the uses and combinations between them! This analysis evaluated the use of twenty designs on Twitter in 2020.

Knowledge is power: the most popular heart emojis are the red heart ❤️, followed by the two hearts 💕 and the purple heart 💜.

🧡 Know their meanings

Speaking of Halloween, this is the chart of the most usual combinations with the orange heart.

Source: What Every Heart Emoji Really Means

Five things we like.

  1. 📟 Escuela de Datos (es) | Twitter account. Free materials, events and courses on data management.
  2. 🕸️ Dark Patterns | NEAL.FUN. You will find a list of dark patterns some websites use to make you act a certain way without knowing it.
  3. 🌐 The ABC to understanding “Guacamaya Leaks”: context (es) | Hijas de internet on Instagram. Read about the Guacamaya group’s political background, which leaked information from several Latin American states.
  4. 📖 An epic journey in Germany through the eyes of a cartoonist | The Washington Post. A visual experience that will awaken the desire to travel through Germany, from Munich to Berlin.
  5. 🎼 Imagine there’s no… | Anders Sundell on Twitter. The iconic song by The Beatles intervened by artificial intelligence will make you imagine the world in a funny and somewhat absurd way.

Trick or treat!