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ARTivism - Data Culture #23

Digital Art | Activism | Spam

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It’s been several weeks since we last sent out the culture newsletter, but we’re happy because this time has helped us to create a beautiful selection of content that brings together art, activism, and, of course, data.

Do you know where the word SPAM comes from? You’ll find it in the top 5 things we like. We also tell you about literary universes, pizza, and much more.

Expo: Data on the run

Democracia en Red is an organization that uses technology to promote democracy. In this proposal, the organization invited artists, researchers, activists, and technologists from Argentina to participate in a digital art exhibition.

In it, they reflect on digital memories, the curatorship of life itself in networks, and the use of personal data during and after the pandemic. It is a way to publicize the homonymous paper that gives an overview of information security, vulnerabilities, and incidents in the nation, from a new point of view.

Questions such as who has access to our data, if our personal information is safe, and what protection mechanisms exist were the focus of this presentation.

👾 Learn about the exhibition

What is more valuable, art or life?

In 2022, several European museums saw significant works stained with oil, tomato paste, or mashed potatoes as acts of protest by climate activists.

These actions question the value of a precious past in the face of a dystopian present and future regarding global warming - digital security, and food crisis, among other evils of our time.

In the link below, you can learn about the organizations and motives that have put art as a target of social protest.

Climate Change Protest

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Five things we like

  1. 🌌 The Cortázar universe in networks (en) | Visualization. Fundación Juan March. As part of the Julio Cortázar digital library, we can explore three types of interactive network visualizations of the connections between Literature, Art and Philosophy.
  2. 💮 Crysalis. art (en) | Instagram. Generative Art research, curating for galleries, museums and collectors.
  3. 🎬 An All But Definitive Guide to the Hollywood Nepo-Verse (en) | Vulture article. Learn about the multiverse of nepo babies and how celebrities inherit their parents' social capital.
  4. ✉️ Spam (en) | Fanzines. TEDIC Uruguay published the last series of fanzines about personal data in the framework of the campaign “My data, my rights” We invite you to learn more about your digital rights.
  5. 🍕 NYC Slice (en) | Data story. A subject in New York compiles on an Instagram account the number of pizza slices he consumed and how they have increased in price and decreased in quality over the past 8 years.

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