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Artificial Creation - Data Culture #24

Art | Museums | Maps

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Art and culture are intrinsic to human beings. But can they also be inherent to the technologies we produce, such as artificial intelligence?

You’ll want to see what we have for you:

👉🏾 The advances and concerns generated by AI in the creation of art.

👉🏾 The inventories of several museums converted into an information system.

👉🏾 Maps of the horizon, mud houses to regulate temperature, intersections between happiness and meaning within the things we like.

Get on board this trip to the present! 🚀

Art-ificial intelligence?

AI inventions like MidJourney create images from text and are the source of illustrations for at least 50 books on Amazon. What’s more, Google Research’s research project, MusicLM, promises to generate music using descriptions. The tool can convert text detailing a painting, such as Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” into sound. 😱

Some artists are not worried about AI technologies replacing their work. As with other inventions like Photoshop and Canva, they can’t do what they do. However, copyright is a concern.

These algorithms feed on large amounts of images produced by artists. Terms like “data laundering” become relevant when AI sources are precisely human creations. But what is it? It is about cleaning stolen data to sell it or use it in databases that appear to be legal.

Museums made databases

The joining of forces between different entities such as the University of Leicester, Art UK and Collections Trust has proposed a digital infrastructure so that more people worldwide can access the complete information of collections from different museums.

The Museum Data Service (MDS) will be the repository for millions of object records from UK museums and other public collections. Researchers, artists and anyone interested will be able to use this data next autumn. The Open Data Institute supports this proposal for sustainable data stewardship.

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Five things we like

  1. 🪐 The Map of the Universe | Brice Ménard and Nikita Shtarkman | Cosmic Map.
  2. 🏜️ Explore how traditional mud houses keep you cool | National Geographic | Architecture.
  3. 🌈 Mixed feelings of happiness and meaning | Nathan Yau | Visualization.
  4. 🤖 Collective Power: Activists at MozFest 2023 | Mozilla Foundation | Event.
  5. 🙅🏿🐈‍⬛👨🏿‍🦱 How the Marvel Comics Universe is addressing its troubled history with diversity | Axios | Comic-book article.

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