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IA Lovers - Data Culture #25

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We share with you some of the things we love, like the Dataviz book map and Chronophoto, a fun game to test your imagination. You can also explore Refik Anadol’s impressive expo at MoMA and learn how ChatGPT can be the matchmaker that changes how we relate.

ChatGPT: the matchmaker you’ve needed

Would you go on a date with someone who used a bot to talk to you?

The dating app OkCupid matches people through an algorithmic system powered by the questions and answers given by users. Recently, ChatGPT debuted the app. They asked some questions you might use on a first date and added them to their tool.

After that, they conducted a survey. Forty-seven percent of the platform’s users said they didn’t know if they would continue dating someone who first communicated through the bot. Thirty-four percent said they would not continue the relationship and 18% said they would. What would you do?

ChatGPT is changing the way we relate to each other and the way we bond with others.

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Machines that dream

Unsupervised dreams and, moreover, makes its dreams come true. Refik Anadol, its creator, has Unsupervised generated modern art from 200 years of MoMA art. The result is a mix of architecture, visualizations, algorithms, and machine learning.

In addition to the data coming from MoMA, Unsupervised incorporates real-time images taken with New York’s surveillance infrastructure. With this, Anadol critiques the use of technology and its apparent “neutrality.”

Unlike art made by AI based on the real world, this one creates images that go beyond our imagination. The artist elaborates on a re-signification of the use of data. Surveillance? Control? Art!

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Art, Data and Women

Next week, on the 9th, we will be in the conversation “Women, Maps and Data” presenting our new collection of data-driven designs, in this case around women’s fights.

This event organized by the OpenStreetMap Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Latin America Open Mapping Hub, seeks to generate a space with experts from different countries around International Women’s Day. Don’t miss it.

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5 things we like

  1. 📚 Dataviz books map. (en) | Visualization. What data visualization books do you recommend? You will love this proposal.
  2. 🖼️ Chronophoto (en)| Game. In this fun recommendation, you can test your imagination and guess the year of the photo.
  3. 🎨 Do you want to be part of my next piece of data Art (en) | Twitter. Close your eyes, 2022, think of a sound and write it here.
  4. 💨 Air pollution data becomes ART (en) | Twitter. Impacting the environment through data made art.
  5. 🗿 List of physical visualizations (en) | Dataphys. Knowledge systems that have generated relationships with information associated with culture.

Now, at last, captchas about whether you are a machine or not make sense!