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Will Technology Save Us?

Conferences | Censorship | Internet Cuts | IA

March 15, 2023 icon category

Two Research Projects to Transform the World - Data Journalism #25

Covid-19 | Anti-corruption | Disinformation

February 15, 2023 icon category

Data Storytelling in Action - Data Journalism #24

Agricultural subsidies | Customized maps | AI training

January 26, 2023 icon category

Everything Is Getting More Expensive - Data Journalism #23

Inflation | Cost of living | Water ownership

December 14, 2022 icon category

The Spaces that Women Have - Data Journalism #22

In this issue of the newsletter, you'll learn about a campaign for a safe website for women, we'll …

November 24, 2022 icon category

Is Democracy in Crisis? - Data Journalism #21

In this issue, we talk about democracy, a form of organization in which sovereignty resides in the …

November 3, 2022 icon category

Until The Truth Is Found - Data Journalism #20

This issue presents how investigative journalism innovates and keeps a watchful eye on crime, law …

October 13, 2022 icon category

The Right to Inform - Data Journalism #19

In this issue, we focus on SLAPPs or lawsuits against critical voices, which affect the right to …

September 15, 2022 icon category

Social Media as Raw Material - Data Journalism #18

Evidence of human rights violations and end-of-poverty analysis through friendship are possible uses …

August 25, 2022 icon category

Data-Driven Climate Action - Data Journalism #17

Climate change data journalism projects can give us ideas for evidence-based approaches to achieving …

August 4, 2022 icon category

Uber Archives and Conscious Consumption - Data Journalism #16

Find out about the work and challenges of investigative journalism in the face of the Uber files …

July 14, 2022 icon category

Animation, Pride, and Overcrowding – Data Journalism #15

Projects in this issue cover social issues, such as overcrowding, LGBTIQ+ rights and mass shootings.

June 16, 2022 icon category

Weapons and abortion - Data Journalism #14

Storytelling, data visualization, and open data on this year's main topics. May 2022.

May 26, 2022 icon category

Press Freedom and on the Way to Innovation - Data Journalism #13

Freedom of Press Special. May 2022.

May 4, 2022 icon category

Wealth, Limited Rights and Education - Data Journalism #12

We cover researchs on wealth gas emissions, abortion restrictions and student achievement …

April 13, 2022 icon category

Challenges and UX Accesibility - Data Journalism #11

We will review the latest creative challenges from the data community and select some news and …

March 25, 2022 icon category

Open Data Day - Data Journalism #10

Let's celebrate the Open Data Day!!

March 4, 2022 icon category

Unstoppable Women and Science - Data Journalism #09

We celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We discuss gender, language, …

February 10, 2022 icon category

Universe, Farewells and Natural Phenomena - Data Journalism #08

We farewell the year trying to discover how the Universe works. December 2021.

December 23, 2021 icon category

Inequality, Ethics and Resistance - Data Journalism #07

We review the most outstanding specials in data journalism. December 2021.

December 2, 2021 icon category

COP26, Climate Change, and Biodiversity - Data Journalism #06

UN COP26 special issue. November 2021.

November 12, 2021 icon category

TV Shows, Castles, and Dinosaurs - Data Journalism #05

Summary of October's highlights in Data Journalism, visualizations, climate change, corruption and …

October 22, 2021 icon category

SDGs, Digital Media, and Democracy - Data Journalism #04

6 years of SDG implementation, inclusive initiatives and tools to improve knowledge in data science. …

September 25, 2021 icon category

Data for Diversity and Inclusion - Data Journalism #03

In this issue, we highlight projects and initiatives that seek to build fairer societies, focusing …

September 3, 2021 icon category

Sexual Rights, Data Protection and Sport - Data Journalism #02

The latest trends in data journalism, relevant and updated information that we believe can be useful …

August 18, 2021 icon category

Life-saving Graphics, Manuals and Sentences - Data Journalism #01

Datasketch Newsletter Data Journalism #1

July 23, 2021 icon category

Data Journalism at its Best - Data Journalism #0

You’ll find the latest data journalism trends, information about events, and tools that can be …

June 28, 2021 icon category