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Data for Measuring Social Changes - Open Gov #26

Election Data | AI | Beneficial Ownership

March 15, 2023 icon category

An eventful time. Are you going to miss it? - Open Gov #25

Events | Artificial Intelligence | Anti-corruption | SDGs | Innovation

February 22, 2023 icon category

Corruption: a Threat to our Civic Space - Open Gov #24

Corruption | Civic Space | Algorithmic Transparency

February 2, 2023 icon category

2023, a year to assess and rethink processes - Open Gov #23

Gender gap | Participation

January 12, 2023 icon category

Integrity in Public Procurement - Open Gov #22

Red flags | Corruption

December 1, 2022 icon category

Let's reduce gender gaps and emissions! - Open Gov #21

Reducing gender gaps and carbon emissions urges open data strategies for the participation of all …

November 10, 2022 icon category

Information and Participation for Quality Services - Open Gov #20

In this issue, you’ll find reasons to have health data, ideas for encouraging participation in open …

October 20, 2022 icon category

Universal Access to Information - Open Gov #19

In this issue, we show you resources on feminist AI, integrity in public procurement, and effective …

September 21, 2022 icon category

Privacy for More Rights - Open Gov #18

Data misuse violates human rights, particularly in social assistance projects. Therefore, regulatory …

September 1, 2022 icon category

Beneficial Ownership and Censored Journalism - Open Gov #17

Data on beneficial ownership enables the identification of illegal flows of money. Journalism is …

August 11, 2022 icon category

The Future of Open Government - Open Gov #16

The future of open government encompasses work on innovation in the public sector, OGP's 2023-2028 …

July 20, 2022 icon category

Elections, Refugees, and Data for the Common Good - Open Gov #15

In this issue of the newsletter, we think about open government in terms of elections, refugees, and …

June 23, 2022 icon category

Stories that Make a Difference - Open Gov #14

Our selection of proposals for rethinking open government. June 2022.

June 1, 2022 icon category

Collective Building and Open Data - Open Gov #13

Let's talk about the Global Data Barometer, the future of OGP and Open Data. May 2022.

May 12, 2022 icon category

Beneficial Ownership and Misuse of Data - Open Gov #12

Questionable uses of data, privacy, fees and beneficial ownership. April 2022.

April 21, 2022 icon category

Democracy and Kleptocracy - Open Gov #11

We review the state of Democracy and the kleptocracy of some Russian oligarchs. In addition, we talk …

March 31, 2022 icon category

Elections, Data, and Plain Text Writing - Open Gov #10

We review tools for electoral data visualization and events related to public innovation. March …

March 10, 2022 icon category

Indexes, Digital Governance and Privacy - Open Gov #09

We analyze the latest reports published on democracy, governance, and geopolitics. We review the …

February 17, 2022 icon category

Pop Geopolitics, Contracting and Health - Open Gov #08

Vaccines, pop culture and decision making. December 2021.

December 9, 2021 icon category

Safe Spaces and 21st Century Democracies - Open Gov #07

We highlight news that evidences the need for governmental openness. November 2021.

November 19, 2021 icon category

Open Justice, Gender, and Data for Social Good - Open Gov #06

We highlight news that evidences the need for governmental openness. October 2021.

October 29, 2021 icon category

Pandora Papers, Migration and Learning - Open Gov #05

We look at how open government can help prevent corruption against the backdrop of the Pandora …

October 7, 2021 icon category

Sustainability, Rurality, and Open Contracting - Open Gov #04

Compilation of current news on open government. Includes events, data, citizen labs, sustainability, …

September 16, 2021 icon category

Open State, Global Assembly, and Alliances - Open Gov #03

Current news on open government, open state and civic participation activities. August 2021.

August 19, 2021 icon category

Land Governance and Artificial Intelligence - Open Gov #02

Current news on open government, its relationship with data journalism and artificial intelligence …

August 5, 2021 icon category

Football, Open Science and Anti-corruption - Open Gov #01

Open Government Newsletter #1. A compilation of the most relevant news, events and data …

July 17, 2021 icon category

Welcome to Open Government - Open Gov #0

We compile news of interest in open government, citizen participation, transparency and …

June 22, 2021 icon category