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Welcome to Open Government - Open Gov #0

We compile news of interest in open government, citizen participation, transparency and accountability.

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Welcome to open government

This newsletter is compiled and edited by Datasketch’s Open Government team, which is integrated by Juliana Galvis, Laura Ortiz, and Juan Pablo Marín Díaz. Below you will find references to relevant content we have recently come across, including a summary and a commentary by us.


Open Government Week: Respond. Recover. Renew.

Open Government Week took place between May 17 and 21. This event, promoted by the Open Government Partnership (OGP), is a global call to action in which actors from all over the world share their initiatives. Its web portal registered more than 200 events, which took place in multiple countries on all continents, in which citizens were free to participate. You can find all the information at: https://www.opengovweek.org/es/

There were several events, but we would like to highlight “Innovations in Open Government and Anti-corruption in Taiwan.” At this event, the Taiwanese Digital Minister joined U.S. Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, OGP Deputy Director, and Transparency International Senior Program Manager to debate Taiwan’s efforts to advance open government. With a focus on exploiting the innovative strength of civil society solutions and discussing public policy challenges in the country to support anticorruption efforts globally. See their video and read our post highlighting Taiwan’s exciting developments in open government, despite not being part of OGP.


OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia has launched a pilot on Anticorruption Performance Indicators to follow up on the Istanbul Anticorruption Action Plan. It is relevant because this pilot sets out a path to follow in evaluating anticorruption strategies in OECD countries and can help institutions measure their performance.


Seize the Moment: Reviving the U.S. OGP Process with the new Biden Administration

The United States was a founding partner of the Open Government Partnership 10 years ago. But in recent years the OGP process has stalled, however, a new opportunity to revitalize and bring to the forefront the Open Government Partnership process comes with the recent renewal of the U.S. Administration. This report compiles a series of recommendations to the US government, drawn from interviews with more than 50 civil society leaders working on a range of issues - democracy reform, justice, climate and anti-corruption - on what it would take to make OGP a vital reform process in the United States.

The next generation of data ethics tools

In early 2021, the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Consequential - a responsible strategy and innovation agency - conducted research on the second generation of data ethics and technology tools. The aim was to explore the current challenges and opportunities in this area to support the vision of a world where data works for everyone. They discovered some of the general shapes and patterns of the technology and data ecosystem and their relationships with ethics tools based on repeated observations, feelings and themes.

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