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Collective Building and Open Data - Open Gov #13

Let's talk about the Global Data Barometer, the future of OGP and Open Data. May 2022.

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Global Open Data Barometer

The Global Open Data Barometer has just been released. It is a collaborative project that seeks to measure data state concerning pressing social problems. Multiple researchers sought to assess the availability, governance, capacity, and use of data worldwide. Part of the Datasketch team was in charge of the data collection for Barometer in Colombia.

This initiative seeks to shape and assess data infrastructures that limit risks and damages in climate action, business information, health and COVID-19, land, political integrity, public finance, and public procurement. Twenty-three countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are covered. In the region, the barometer highlighted the advances in the availability and use of data. However, the need to strengthen data capacity and governance is also highlighted. Silvana Fumega, director of the Global Data Barometer, noted that the region should work on participatory and inclusive approaches to data policy and more robust frameworks to regulate the sharing and algorithmic use of data to foster sectoral initiatives.

🤓 Explore the results.

Fuente: evento de lanzamiento del Barómetro Global de Datos Abiertos

Source: Global Data Barometer

Creating the future of OGP together

The Open Government Partnership has launched a call to the different stakeholders in Open Government to think and build, from a community conversation, a planned vision of the strategy that should guide the organization’s efforts between 2023 and 2028.

We think it is an interesting exercise that promotes Open Government’s principles within OGP itself. It allows an updated analysis of the risks and opportunities to strengthen the ecosystem. This is important, mainly when, in some countries, after the pandemic, rights already achieved, such as freedom of expression or access to public information, have been limited.

If you want to participate, you can do so in the multiple conversations that will take place in the #OpenGovWeek and the coming months. You can also fill out the stakeholder survey, create your community conversation or tell a story about how OGP has promoted advocacy within your context.

Source: Creating OGP’s Future Together

Source: Creating OGP’s Future Together

Policy Requirements for the Third Wave of Open Data

The importance of data is more than evident. Their future is being thought of from the public sector to the private sector, social organizations, and academia. That is why @TheGovLab is working with @Microsoft to organize a summit on the state of open data.

At this event, @SenGillibrand & @BDataScientist will give an opening keynote. High-level keynotes with public and private sector leaders will be offered. There will be an analysis of current policy trends in open data, which will undoubtedly consider the recently released Global Data Barometer.

🗓️ May 17, 2022

🕐 11:00 - 14:00 ET | 17:00- 20:00 CEST.

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