#GoogleChallenge searches for innovation proposals in Latam

April 23, 2017



Google launches the #GoogleOrg Challenge in which it invites NGOs from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru to present their social innovation projects.


The initiative will donate $ 5.75 million to ideas that use technology with the objective of solving social problems such as access to education or drinking water, among others.


The jury, made up of specialists and a Google team, will select three projects per country. Each project will receive $ 350,000. The public will vote between the three solutions so that one of them reaches the grand finale in Mexico City, where they can win an additional $ 250,000.


The jury will evaluate the following:

  • Impact: How will the proposed project improve the lives of its beneficiaries? How many people will benefit if it is successful and to what extent? What are the investigations that support the project? What is the contribution that would generate?

  • Technology / Innovation: What is the central innovation that differentiates this project from others, whether from the philosophical or the methodological? What makes it unique? How is technology used to address the problem in an innovative and creative way?

  • Scalability: If you succeed, how easily can you scale this project? Can this proposal serve as a model for other initiatives?

  • Feasibility: Do you have the necessary plan and equipment to execute the proposal plan? Have you identified the right partners for implementation?


Google will support each of the organizations through monitoring and technical assistance to be able to realize their ideas. Entries will be open until next May 24 at the following link.


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