We help you to get and organize information from public data or different websites with scrapping.


We structure databases with information from multiple databases in multiple formats. Organization of information and standardization of variables.

Visualization apps

We create public data visualization applications so that your users can know and explore databases. We use the latest technologies in data visualization to communicate information.


We implement artificial intelligence algorithms to facilitate your work with data, from predictive algorithms to pattern recognition.

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We develop interactive web specials based on data. The specials have different visual components to guide your readers. See examples of our specials.

About us

Datasketch is a digital platform of investigative and data journalism. Our portal allows journalists, data scientists, social scientists and citizens in general to learn and consult on data visualizations, tools, software and in-depth research on various short-term issues. We have free data tools and different projects to bridge the gap between data and citizenship that facilitates the democratization of knowledge and a critical review of social realities based on information contrasts.

Our team

Juan Pablo Marín

Electronic engineer with a master's degree in computational statistics. Expert in data science with applications in multiple areas such as economics, hydrology and journalism.

Camila Achuri

Statistics and expert in R programming language. She has developed various applications of data visualization in mobility and open data subjects.

Juliana Galvis

Politologist and candidate for a Master in Digital Humanities. She is currently leading the development of the Who Is database, as well as supporting journalistic research and the creation of databases.

David Daza

Bachelor of Electronics. Expert in development of applications and websites with emphasis on data journalism and content management of multiple databases.

Verónica Toro

Anthropologist and researcher. Responsible for the management and organization of the data-community in Colombia and Latin America and provide support in journalistic investigations and the creation of databases.

Mariana Villamizar

Systems engineer and designer. Expert in user experience, data visualization and graphic communication. Feminist.


Radio Garden: Tune into more than 8,000 radio stations around the world

April 30, 2017

An app developed by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision allows you to explore more than 8,000 radio stations around the world.

A globe goes round and round. You can hear a white noise made by a radio antenna trying to find a station. The map keeps turning and you can interact with it, rotate it, zoom in or out. Suddenly, small green dots appear to indicate that more than 8,000 radio stations can be tuned and free of charge on all continents.


This is Radio Garden, an interactive project developed by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision in cooperation with six universities in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Denmark.


You could say that it is traveling the world in real time because you can be in Zambia, Russia, Mexico and Australia in minutes.


This digital installation is part of a research called Transnational Radio Meetings, which seeks to explore how radio crosses the linguistic and geographical barriers.


In this digitized era, the market, of course, offers a high range of radio and broadcast applications in many countries but includes advertising and not all are free.

Radio.Garden is an interactive web page and not an application, therefore there is nothing to download, neither commercial nor advertising, anyone can access only with the link.

Radio is resistant to forgetting, so it remains a very influential medium, and projects like this simplify the process of listening to these media.


Apart from offering live radio stations, it also offers three more sections: History, Jingles, and Stories.


In History, you can hear stories and more important stories of the history of each country. In Jingles popular songs are heard and you can hear the most sticky wedges of the world's broadcasters. And in Stories, you can hear stories of listeners related to this medium.


Data team

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April 18, 2017
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