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  • Red Flags to Identify Corruption

    Red flags indicate potential corruption risks in procurement processes. They can be defined as red flags, clues, or indications of possible irregularities. They are a very useful tool to identify corruption and promote transparency.

  • Connected people

    According to the International Telecommunication Union, one third of the world's population do not have an internet connection in 2022. The pixels of this T-Rex dinosaur indicate that ratio.

  • Women in Congress

    According to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, women comprised 26.1% of parliaments worldwide by January 1, 2022. The beads of this necklace show the percentage evolution from 1995 to the present with the change in the hue of yellow.

  • It was not my fault

    "Un violador en tu camino" or "The rapist is you" is a participatory protest performance, created by the Chilean feminist collective, LAS TESIS. Its aim is to demonstrate against violations of women's rights. We transformed the powerful lyrics of this chant into the wave that illustrates this design.

  • Close the Gap

    The Political Participation in the Colombian Congress, as is the case in other parts of the world, shows large disparities between men and women. This design shows the long way to go to reach parity.

  • Plants from Bogota

    Did you know that Bogota is home to at least 600 species of flora and that the city has 15 wetlands?

  • LGTBIQ+ Labor Protection

    According to ILGA (The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) in its report "State Homophobia 2020", 48% of Latin American and Caribbean countries have employment protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation, the other 52% do not.

  • Legal abortion

    According to World Abortion Laws, in 9 of 37 countries in the Americas abortion is legal or decriminalized without any restrictions. The white dots represent these countries. The USA is included in the 9, but has not been taken into account due to the restrictions of its States.

  • Changes in Global Temperature

    We made a visual representation of global temperature changes since 1919. This one illustrates the increase in average temperature, according to Berkeley Earth data.

  • Gender in Video Game Developers

    The International Game Developers Association conducts an annual satisfaction survey of game developers around the world. It shows data on the number of men, women and non-binary people in the industry.

  • 8M

    On March 8, we celebrate the struggles, alliances, and conquests achieved by women worldwide. We pay tribute to the triumphs of hundreds of women in this design with their names.

  • #8M - Women in Data Science

    Let's break gender gaps in data science #UnstoppableWomen #8M

  • 1025 stains

    There have been registered 1,025 murders of LGBTI people in latin america and the caribbean from January 2014 to December 2018.

  • 5xx Not Found

    More than 500 social leaders have been murdered in Colombia since January 2016.

  • Banana plantations

    The massacres occurred in Colombia during the colombian armed conflict left 24,518 victims

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