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On March 8, we celebrate the struggles, alliances, and conquests achieved by women worldwide. We pay tribute to the triumphs of hundreds of women in this design with their names.

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The 8M t-shirt design represents the struggle, the celebration, and the alliances of hundreds of feminist organizations and activists who come together to defend the rights conquered and those yet to be achieved for all women and girls on the planet.

Thanks to the different waves of feminism, women in the 21st century can access higher education, vote in elections, and hold political office. However, there is still much to be done, and the struggle continues.

The construction of the word cloud in the shape of the number 8 and the letter M was done using a database with the names of 100 iconic women. These women have challenged the patterns of their time and conquered very powerful spheres historically dominated by men such as science, politics, arts, and medicine. They have been illustrious writers, activists, and Nobel laureates in literature, peace, physics, and chemistry.

Access the data used in this design and create your own data visualizations here.

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