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Effects of the coronavirus in the punk circuit of Chapinero, Bogotá.

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The Covid-19 pandemic affected all aspects of daily life, including how we relate to music. During 2020 many venues, bars and nightclubs closed their doors, leaving the music scene without one of its most important resources, physical spaces.

In November 2020, very close to the beginning of the pilot projects of opening bars in Bogota and after several experiences of substituting presentiality for the virtual also in music, the study “Effects of the coronavirus in the punk circuit of Chapinero from the cartography of nomadic territoriality: production, consumption and participation” was published by professors Minerva Campion, from the [Department of Political Science](https://cpri.javeriana. edu.co/facultad/departamentos/ciencias-politicas) and Javier Rodríguez, of the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas, of the Universidad Javeriana, together with a group of students from the research groups “Música y Resistencia” and “Desarrollo Empresarial Javeriano”.

The document provided information on the social and political effects on the underground scene in the Colombian capital and, specifically, on punk, due to the closures of the places where people with an affinity for this musical genre tend to move.

The researchers interviewed the managers of 10 of the most frequented spaces, which are located in one of the most central areas of Bogota, Chapinero, and surveyed 167 anonymous people who usually visit them. La Silla Vacía echoed this study in its article “El golpe al punk y a otras movidas underground con los cierres por la pandemia”.

From Datasketch, we propose this design composed of a word cloud that shows the most mentioned terms in the interviews conducted in the study with the managers of cultural spaces and in the conclusions drawn by La Silla Vacía from the research. It is a tribute to a counterculture genre, which advances, remains in force and expands its followers over time.

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