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Emblematic Women

A design about and for women who have been pioneers, artists, scientists, athletes, mothers, activists, leaders and much more. It is a recognition of the participation of each of them in the historic process of the struggle for equality and women's rights.

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In this new design, we recognize 43 Latin American women who, in different fields of action, have fought for rights, equality and access to knowledge. In other words, for all of us.

These emblematic women have drawn outside the margin and challenged the canon. They have marked milestones in the history of feminism, sports, art and science. Also, they have been involved in politics to make this territory a broader place for all.

Several of them still do not appear in reference books and are not the icon of the moment, but thanks to their trajectories, which broke the established and limited order, we can expand the boundaries of doing what we want with peace of mind in a world that is still hostile to women.

In the creation of this design, which we publish in the framework of 8M, we used the technique of pinacogram or typographic portrait.

We invite you to read two books that inspired us:

  • 101 Extraordinary Women Who Changed the World.
  • Dinamita! Rebellious Women in 20th Century Colombia.

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