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Ladder of Rights

Women's struggle for freedom, equality, and dignity in Colombia translates in victories and rights won. Each of these is listed on the ladder in chronological order.

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Women did not have any legally recognized rights since the structuring of La República de Colombia until 1932 when we triumphed in the right to own and administer our property.

Two years later we arrived at the seats of colleges and universities. Soon after, secondary and professional degrees had our names on them.

At the end of the 1930s, we won labor protection rights for pregnant women.

In1956, the first ID card with a woman’s name was registered and, a year later, we won electoral rights, due to which 1,835,255 women cast their ballots for the first time.

We won our individuality, in1970 we refused to be someone else’s, and since then we have carried our own name. In that same decade, we declared ourselves equal in rights and obligations to men.

Our voice was heard loudly at construction of the Constitución de 1991. We reaffirmed the equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. We proclaimed the right not to be subjected to any discrimination. Furthermore, we also achieved greater assistance and protection for women during and after pregnancy by the State, in addition to special support for women heads of household.

More than a decade later, in 2006 we obtained legal and safe abortions for women under three grounds: pregnancy resulting from sexual abuse, pregnancy that put the woman’s life at risk, and pregnancies in which fetus malformations incompatible with life were present.

The context of the country in which we live are not alien to us.  The conflict turned us and our bodies into victims. In 2014, we passed a law that provides justice to victims of sexual violence, especially of the armed conflict.

With much pain, but dignified rage after so many murders of our sisters, we succeeded in making femicide a crime.

Our last great achievement is the decriminalization of abortion up to 24 weeks. No longer will our sisters suffer the consequences of clandestine abortions.

This design shows all these rights for which we fought and subsequently won, represented by each step, in chronological order.

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